Str8 Sh00ter

by Andy Sadoway



Father/Daughter Records
All rights reserved / FD016
©+℗ 2014 Father/Daughter Records & Andy Sadoway


released May 6, 2014

All songs written and performed by Andy Sadoway
Additional vocals by Emily Jane Powers on “Don’t Mind” and Ian Doerr on “Leave Some Space”

Produced by Ian Doerr and Andy Sadoway
Engineered and Mixed by Ian Doerr at Mystic Steamship Co.
Mastered by TW Walsh

Artwork and Layout by Mary Lewey



all rights reserved


Andy Sadoway Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Str8 Sh00ter
How does the world keep spinning when no one can make decisions now?
The fork in the road became a fork in the toaster.
Man, I’m out

Nobody that I know has calculated the answers
‘Cause it’s so hard to do it when you keep changing all the questions
But I’ve crunched all the numbers

And I’ve got a great solution
It clears up any confusion:
Don’t put your best foot forward, sit back, and expect more than you’re worth

Nobody that I know says I am a str8 sh00ter
‘Cause it’s so hard to aim when I can’t even find the target
And I’ve tried every angle

I will admit: it may have sounded a bit like I have given up
but really what I meant is try to feel content with your day-to-day
Track Name: You Kept Things Intact
We’re back on track
It’s so good to see you kept things in tact all these years
Stuck in the past and I think you want me to overreact
I’ll stay clear

So I drop back, cut you some slack
This happens all the time
It’s no surprise I internalize this, saying to myself:
“Hey Andrew, haven’t you dragged out this situation? You’ve done enough”

Your best friend, she seems kind of shitty
I can’t comprehend what you think
But in the end, I’m not sure it matters what I think
I’ll stay clear

I can’t decide if it’s worth the time to meet someone halfway
when running late, feeling underpaid,
I wonder to myself:
“Hey Andy, haven't you maxed out all your vacation? Stop saving up.”
Track Name: Don't Mind
I could smooth it over with the words you want to hear
You could have me over but I know I'd disappear

We don’t have to care about a thing at all
We don't have to mind ourselves

And if you start to doubt it, tell me where your head has gone
‘Cause I've been flipping my shit for years

And I see my reflection in the way that you picture love
And I see my reflection
Which brought to my attention how forward I have become while accepting how backwards I can be with accepting how backwards I can be
Track Name: Leave Some Space
I'll start relaxing
I won't slop together a stressed out, somewhat catatonic version of myself to throw at people who deserve much more from me

I've been reflecting
I kept saying yes to things that I don't really give a fuck about to start to cut out things that make me miserable

I’ve heard it said everyone dies alone
To be honest, I don't really buy that
So hopefully I'll be right by your side to pause just for a moment
To stop and smell the roses
And leave space for my emotions

I’ll take some time out and play every 45 at 33 and 1/3 RPM
I know this, I know it: I just can’t slow down